Passwords, the burden of our daily routine...........

PASSWORD - Do’s and Don’ts

Passwords are a burden on our daily routine but they are there for a protect our sensitive personal data.

When thinking of a password consider these simple tips to make your password more secure and hopefully avoid your accounts being compromised.


1. Change your password regularly.
By changing your password regularly you will prevent someone who may already have compromised an account from continuing to gain access.

2. Choose a strong password, make it difficult to guess.
Ensure your password is a minimum of:
a) at least eight characters long
b) it includes a number
c) has a mix of capital and lower case letters

3. Consider combining two words
Connect two random words with a number or a punctuation character between them: Yawn@morning
Alternatively use numbers or symbols for letters to increase the level of security: Y@wn%M0rn!n9

4. Use a Song or a Phrase
Create a password based on a song title or other phrase keeping in mind point 3.


1. Don't be predictable

Don't use personal information that someone could easily find out about you, for example pet name, children’s names and date of births, the street you live on, telephone number etc.

3. Avoid common substitutes like changing an 'a' for a '4' or an 'i' for a '1'