ht tp and htt ps, Did you know there was two?

Every web address starts with http but in many cases, you will not see it on the webpage you are visiting.

If you know the website you are looking for you would usually head straight to address bar and type it in e.g. you would then press the return key and that would take you to the FAST LANE SECURE website.

But have you ever copied and shared a website address on Facebook or WhatsApp and noticed it is always longer than you were expecting? e.g

http is an acronym for “hypertext transfer protocol” in brief this protocol allows web browsers and servers to communicate through the exchange of data.

What’s the difference between http:// and https://  ?

http:// was developed in the 90’s its purpose to provide a faster connection to websites for the user however http:// focusses on the presentation of information and speed rather than website site safety leaving it open to vulnerabilities. http:// sites are easier to alter and change by any would be cybercriminal.

The big player when explaining the difference between the two protocols is the little ‘s’, the ‘s’ in https:// makes the website secure.

Without the ‘s’ any information that you enter into a http:// website such as username, password, credit card information is susceptible to interception.

https:// is a requirement for any websites that collect payment information, if you cannot confirm that the website is secure do not enter your payment information.