I use a VPN on my Computer, why do I need one on my Mobile Phone?

The technology in mobile phones today supersedes that of many household computers and laptops thus retiring them from their service. The once marvels of the digital age now find themselves nestled out of the way in the cupboard or collecting dust in the corner.

Some generations are, lucky enough!? to remember mobiles as expensive ‘bricks’ that were only used to speak loudly into to ensure you were heard.

Mobile Phones today, are now an all singing, all dancing, fit in the palm of your hand mobile computers, cameras, personal assistants etc etc…..you get the picture, what can’t you do on a mobile phone these days?!

We do everything on our mobile phones, many do not give a second thought to completing our online banking, shopping or ordering a takeaway through an app on our phone.

It has become the norm to input our full name, address, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, banking information into an app if requested to do so.

Many also do not stop to consider the location of where this sensitive information is being typed in..…do you use free Wi-Fi at the local pub / coffee shop or on the bus / train on the daily commute? Can you be certain that the Wi-Fi network you are using is secure or even if the free Wi-Fi is actually provided by the coffee shop or bus company and its not a spoof network set up by a criminal or criminal with the sole intent of collecting your personal or business data!?

All law enforcement agencies across the world make it clear that Cybercriminals target data for their crimes. In the wrong hands yourl data is easily monetised, this is usually through its sale on the digital underground or for direct use in fraud.

FAST LANE SECURE - VPN will not only protect your mobile internet usage with a 256-Bit Military Grade encryption but also protects the data from your apps. All the incoming and outgoing data from app usage has to go through the VPN as well and it is encrypted in exactly the same way.

Our VPN app has a user friendly ‘one click’ connect interface and will run in the background of your mobile device encrypting all of your data traffic.

Protect the whole family for £1.94 a month, with one account you can secure up to 5 devices across a range of ever-expanding platforms.

Check out www.fastlanesecure.com for more information