5 Reasons to be Cautious of Free VPNs…………

Does free mean too good to be true? In those few and far between situations the answer may be no but the vast majority of the time the answer is most definitely…... yes!

It’s an unfortunate state of affairs but that is the way of the world we are in.

When it comes to VPN software, like any noteworthy product the cost of investment, the ability to maintain and keep up to date is extremely high, like any business these costs have to be covered.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but “Free” VPNs are not free, and you could end up paying more back in the long run and compromising your online safety at the same time.

Like any other VPN software provider, free VPNs also have costs to cover and want to generate income however to achieve this, you are taken on a peregrination into the world of internet devilry.

A VPN is a multifaceted tool, one of its core functions and a main reason why consumers want to use a VPN is to protect their data and online security but many of the dark arts practiced by free VPN providers can put your online security in jeopardy and provide the user with unpleasant online experience.

So how do free VPNs generate income?

Although not an exhaustive list, many if not all free VPN providers use a concoction of tricks to make certain they get their ‘pound of flesh’.

  1. Adverts

A small price to pay for a free VPN you might think, but…... these ads are targeted not generic, how can that be? your free VPN provider is selling your data and online activity to 3rd parties allowing them to direct adverts to you based on you browsing history.

  1. Limiting the amount of data that can be encrypted.

What is the point of that? You want to be safe in the knowledge that all of your data is encrypted all the time not just some of your data some of the time.

Just at the point you are about to make a purchase you get a notification saying that your data allowance has expired, and are prompted to purchase the premium version often at a much higher price than other paid for VPN providers. Coincidence?

  1. Tracking your Online Activity.

For any reputable VPN provider this is a big no no! but again many free VPN providers allow 3rd parties to embed trackers into their software, obviously for a price.  The free VPN provider may be reputable but what about the 3rd party, can the same be said for them, what do they plan to do with your data.

  1. Selling and Sharing your Bandwidth.

            Some free VPN providers utilise a user’s bandwidth and sell this on to 3rd parties.

There is one well publicised example of this where so called “community” VPN was found to be using its free VPN customers bandwidth and selling it through its sister company. This bandwidth was then used by a hacker to perform a botnet attack against another website.


  1. Malware

You may be surprised to know that a recent survey conducted on almost 300 free VPN providers found that many, including providers that you may be familiar with had malware embedded within the app.

Many responded stating this malware is linked to advertising and is required to allow them to generate income and that the consumer is aware of this when they download the app. Did you read the terms and conditions?


There are many variations of malware and adware, one of the most common are known as browser hijackers.

This form of adware specialises in modifying your devices internet browser settings without your knowledge.

You are innocently browsing the internet on your phone or laptop all of a sudden you get blasted with an array of adverts or are redirected to a different website that you hadn’t planned to visit.

Your initial thought is, it must be the website I am on but it is highly likely that these adverts, pop ups or redirects are being generated by the malware within your free VPN app or another “to good to be true” free app on your device.


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