FAST LANE SECURE - VPN: Your Most Important Travel Accessory

As travellers, we naturally learn to become more aware of our surroundings. When you are travelling in an unfamiliar environment you must protect yourself and your belongings at all points of time. We invest in padlocks, slash-proof luggage, and even RFID-blocking wallets all in hopes to avoid theft while travelling. However, what about that train ticket you just bought using your smartphone? That harmless purchase could potentially be the riskiest travel mistake you could make.

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, the threats to our cybersecurity are quickly advancing upon us as well. Just to prove how prevalent this form of a security breach is, it’s been determined that "hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day". (1) Having worked in the UK Justice system for the last 20 years, I am all too aware of the increase in cyber-crime that threatens our world today. To alleviate this projected cybersecurity threat that people, especially vulnerable travellers, face every day, we developed FAST LANE SECURE - VPN to protect you.

What Is a VPN and Why Do I Need It?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) extends a private network across a public network creating a secure connection for the user. You can connect a VPN to any device that communicates with the internet. In a world quickly growing with cyber-crime, a VPN is crucial for protecting your identity, accounts, and many other things that you access through the internet.

Having a VPN is especially important for travellers of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life for the vulnerable state they are in while travelling. When we are home, as long as we avoid the various scam emails (no matter how great that $100,000 prize offer sounds), our password-protected internet connection is typically safe from malicious hackers. Though when you are travelling, much of the time you will need to connect to public or semi-public Wi-Fi networks. These unsecured networks leave you vulnerable to hackers who can quickly steal your data, passwords, credit card numbers, and so much more.

Unfortunately, there are many VPNs out there that create more problems than they are worth. Some VPN providers may not be powerful enough and so instead it will actually slow down your internet speed. Even worse, while some services claim to protect your connection, there have been occurrences of VPN services taking advantage of their customers and monitoring the data to use for their own benefits.


FAST LANE SECURE - VPN is designed to protect us, travellers, from the dangers of cybersecurity threats. This multifaceted tool not only provides an encrypted, secure connection but it also does not monitor, store, or log online activity such as browser history, metadata, server usage, data content, and any other activity while you are connected.

In contrast to many underperforming VPN providers, FAST LANE SECURE - VPN boasts over 400 strategically placed high-performance servers that all are high capacity for a strong and stable connection at lightning speeds. This means that you can maintain the same super-fast connection even while browsing through YouTube videos from your rustic Italian villa.

With a trusted and secure connection and many other features, FAST LANE SECURE - VPN is the must-have accessory for any traveller.

For Backpackers

he common backpacker drifts between destinations hauling all their belongings in a usually overstuffed, and somewhat smelly, pack on their back. Backpackers can be some of the most at-risk travellers for a cybersecurity attack as they jump among affordable hostels and low-cost transportation. Many hostels only provide one public Wi-Fi network login that every other guest uses during their stay. This can leave many backpackers at risk for someone accessing their credit card details after "harmlessly" making their next Hostelworld booking.

FAST LANE SECURE - VPN helps keep your information secure whether you are surfing on your computer at the hostel for your next destination or just scrolling through social media while waiting for your clothes to dry at the local laundromat.

The FAST LANE SECURE - VPN service is also affordable for any budget. With various levels to choose from, it is a low-cost option to fight against identity theft while travelling.

For Families

Family trips can already be stressful enough. Not to mention the added worry of if your credit card will get cancelled due to a fraudulent cyber-attack. The military-grade encryption used by FAST LANE SECURE - VPN protects the online personal data for your entire family. With the ability to use this VPN connection across five devices simultaneously ensures that everyone can be connected to surf the web as they please.

Not only does FAST LANE SECURE - VPN protect your connection but it broadens your browsing power as well. The available content on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer is typically filtered due to different copyright restrictions among countries. (3) When you are travelling with a toddler who will not slow down unless their favourite tv show character is on the screen, as a parent that program can be the difference between a fun day and a complete meltdown. FAST LANE SECURE - VPN bypasses many of these common geo-blocking services so that you can always have access to your favourite and needed shows.

For Business Travellers and Digital Nomads

When travelling for business you are constantly relying on an internet connection to perform your daily work tasks and manage your business. Between important phone calls with critical information, you must guard the data that you share over your devices. FAST LANE SECURE - VPN covers even the most classified of conversations by securing VOIP calls and messaging.

As a business traveller, digital nomad, or any traveller for that matter, monitoring your banking information is a common occurrence. Whether you are watching invoice payments or generally making sure to not break your travel budget, this sensitive data of banking passwords and information is like sweet, tempting candy for hackers. Using FAST LANE SECURE - VPN secures all your banking transactions to protect your greatest assets.

For Every Other Traveller Far and In-between

Having a VPN is recommended for any savvy traveller. In 2008 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was granted the ability to search through files on laptops, smartphones, and other digital devices for anyone who entered the country. Some countries outside of the U.S. also support similar measures to varying degrees. (4) The added layer of protection from FAST LANE SECURE - VPN protects you from the invasion of government snooping no matter what country you land in.

This also applies to certain censorship restrictions such as the 'Great Firewall of China', the most in-depth online censorship operation in the world. This closes off a lot of the internet to anyone within the country which can be difficult for many travellers to adjust to. FAST LANE SECURE - VPN bypasses censorships such as these to make your internet browsing experience while travelling as easy and accessible as possible.

Using a VPN can save you from the dangers of the internet, many of which you might not even realize are happening. As a traveller especially, it is incredibly important that you protect yourself from cybersecurity attacks. It is worth investing in encryption tools such as FAST LANE SECURE - VPN that could save you stress and greater losses later down the road.

With FAST LANE SECURE - VPN they provide 24/7 customer support 365 days of the year. That means you can reach out for help no matter what time zone you are in. If you are looking for greater protection from cybersecurity threats in your next travels, try FAST LANE SECURE - VPN with a seven-day, risk-free trial!


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