How To’s, Tips and Tricks for Sideloading a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Device

In 2019 Amazon Fire TV topped 34 Million users!!! this number has continued to grow and is expected to be closer to 40 million by the end of 2020.

In my opinion, the main reason Amazon Fire TV outsells its rivals, such as ROKU and Apple TV, is the versatility that Fire TV Devices offer to the user, even the least technical of society can access all of the inbuilt features and enhance the capabilities of the device with ease.

As long as you connect your Fire TV device to the internet and it is linked to an Amazon Account, away you go, you are provided with access to a wealth of legal and authorised content through the Amazon Store, listen to your favourite music via Spotify or catch up on those episodes of Top Gear that you missed through the BBC iPlayer you can even order a takeaway through the Just Eat app found within the Amazon App store.

It is also well known by many, that Fire TV devices can be utilised by owners to stream live channels and VOD (video on demand) from IPTV service providers. Some of these IPTV providers have the relevant permissions or licences in place to do so and some do not.

The article doesn’t condone the use of these devices for illegal purposes but what the article will go on to say is that regardless of how you choose to use your Firestick or Cube, legally or illegally, serious consideration should be given to using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your personal data whilst the device is active and you are online.

One of the mains factors for me which makes Fire TV devices so versatile is the ability to sideload applications on to them through 3rd Party apps such as Downloader.

What is sideloading and why do I need to do it?

Example, there are many Android apps available on the Google Play Store that you cannot find on the Amazon App Store, one example is the FAST LANE SECURE – VPN.

The app is not specifically built for the Amazon platform however its file type .apk (Android Package Kit) is compatible with Amazon software.

Due to the configuration of Fire TV devices, you cannot simply find the file you want then download it like you would on a computer.

To download and install apps not available on the Amazon App store you go through the process of sideloading.

Sideloading is achieved by using an app which is available in the Amazon App Store, Downloader or File Explorer are two good examples, to basically sidestep the main store an install the .apk file directly on to your FireTV device.

One important thing to note is, as the app has not been installed via the Amazon App Store, Amazon will not provide any support or security in relation to its installation. This is the case with any application that is sideloaded, therefore bear this in mind before taking this option of sideloading non-Amazon Store apps.

It can’t be said for all non-Amazon Store apps, but the FAST LANE SECURE - VPN .apk has been security tested for installation on Google Play, iOS and Windows and the .apk file available to sideload is the same app which can be installed directly on to your phone or tablet from the Google Play store.

Why should I install a FAST LANE SECURE – VPN app on my Fire TV Device?

In brief, FAST LANE SECURE takes your privacy seriously, using our app on your Fire TV device:

  • Encrypts your personal data when using the internet.
  • Protects from Hackers and ‘Man in the Middle Attacks’.
  • Prevents Internet Service Providers (ISPs) e.g. Sky, Virgin Media, Orange, SFR etc from seeing what you do on the internet.
  • Prevents websites and apps from seeing your personal IP address.
  • Unlike your ISP, FAST LANE SECURE has a ZERO LOG policy.
  • Allows you to bypass censorship restrictions, that could be government censorship like the Great Firewall of China, or censorship imposed by your college or office Wi-Fi administrators.
  • Allows access blocked websites, simply by connecting to a VPN server located somewhere where the content is not censored.
  • FAST LANE SECURE VPN allows you to access streaming services that may be blocked from within the country you are in.
  • Stops Commercial Wi-Fi operators selling your user and browser habits for profit.

As referred to above FAST LANE SECURE-VPN is not currently available in the Amazon App Store, however we wanted to be able to allow you to use our VPN application on your Amazon device as part of the One Account 5 Devices policy, for this reason, we provide a route to achieve this below.

There are alternative ways to install FAST LANE SECURE – VPN on you Amazon Device, but we feel that these instructions are the quickest and easiest.

Used by over 11 million Firestick/Fire TV owners across the world, Downloader is currently the number 1 app used to download and install (sideload) 3rd party applications not available in the Amazon App Store. Downloader is available in your Amazon App store by either manually searching for it or by saying “Downloader” into Alexa from your remote.

How to Install FAST LANE SECURE – VPN on your Fire TV Device?

Find ‘Downloader’ in the Amazon App Store.

Amazon App Store Downloader

Once you have found it CLICK DOWNLOAD / INSTALL

Having installed the app, go into your Fire TV Stick or Cube’s Settings Menu:

Settings – My Fire TV – Developer Options - Apps from Unknown Sources – Turn to ON.

Open Downloader app. In Downloader Settings - Ensure JAVA Script has a Tick in the Box

Click HOME. You will be presented with a box asking for a URL

Type in the following URL Address: (This is case sensitive)

Then press GO. The download process will begin.

Another box will appear allowing you to Install the FAST LANE SECURE – VPN APK (Android Package Kit).


Once installed the FAST LANE SECURE – VPN can be found in Your Apps and Channels


Sideloaded apps do not always display as perfectly as they would on your phone or tablet when first installed on the Fire TV device, the apps and can look stretched and out of position.

Also, on occasion, they do not have complete functionality with the stock remote resulting in certain functions not being accessible.

Mouse Toggle and Set Orientation are two easy fixes for this.

Those of you who are seasoned Fire TV device users, will likely already be accustomed to Mouse Toggle and Set Orientation.

If you are new to sideloading onto Fire TV devices these apps are a must-have!

Set Orientation

The current version of Set Orientation will resolve any display issues for 95% of sideloaded apps on 95% of your Amazon devices.

To install Set Orientation, follow the same Downloader instructions detailed above but use the following URL:

Once Installed on to your device.

Open the App, Enable it by following the prompt, then an option. Selecting Landscape usually correct most display issues.

Mouse Toggle

This app will allow your stock remote to turn itself into what is effectively a computer mouse, allowing you to direct the pointer to anywhere on the screen and use the remotes select button as if it was left click on the mouse.

Once installed and enabled on your device it is simple to Activate and Deactivate.

Activate - Press the play/pause button on the remote twice.

De-Activate - Press the play/pause button on the remote once.

Before Mouse Toggle is installed it is recommended that the ADB Debugging Option within your device’s settings menu is turned ON.

Fire TV Settings - Device - Developer Options - ADB Debugging – Turn ON

After you have turned on ADB Debugging, as above follow the Downloader instructions to Install Mouse Toggle, the following URLs have been obtained from

Mouse Toggle 1.11 - Fire TV 1 and 2, Fire TV Stick 1 and 2 also Fire TV Cube.

Mouse Toggle 1.06 - Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Edition,

At the time of writing, many websites have noted that some newer models including Fire TV 3rd Generation and the Fire TV Cube have a bug that affects the mouse pointer position when using Mouse Toggle this is also the case when installing a hardware mouse.

The temporary workaround suggested is to adjust the display settings via the Fire TV settings:

Settings – Display & Sounds – Display – Resolution – 1080p 50Hz

Having both these apps on your device will ensure most if not all sideloaded applications can be viewed and used correctly.

“Firestick Optimisation”?

I couldn’t finish this article without putting some information together about a phrase you may have heard but never really knew what it meant, “firestick optimisation”.

In simple terms, although Amazon may disagree, all this means is changing the settings on the Fire TV device to enhance its streaming functionality especially when using sideloaded apps.

If you propose to make these changes, you do so by accessing your devices settings menu:

Settings – My Fire TV – Developer Options – ADB Debugging – ON
Apps from Unknown Sources – ON

Settings – My Fire TV – Preferences – Privacy Settings – Device Usage Data – OFF
Collect App Usage Data – OFF
Interest-based Ads – OFF

Settings – My Fire TV – Preferences – Data Monitoring – Data Monitoring – OFF

Settings – My Fire TV – Preferences – Notification Settings - Do Not Interrupt – ON

Settings – My Fire TV – Preferences – Featured Content – Allow Video Autoplay – OFF
Allow Video Autoplay - OFF

Hopefully, this article makes some of the processes used by Fire Tv device owners a little clearer.

However, if you don’t take anything else away from the article please ensure you use a VPN on any device that you connect to the internet.

Ensure you protect your personal or business data, nobody else should have access to it or be able to use it without your direct consent and permission.

The FAST LANE SECURE – VPN provides you with:

  • 256-Bit Military Grade Encryption
  • Over 400 Servers across 80+ locations
  • 7 Days Protection Free of charge
  • Ability to Use on 5 devices Simultaneously
  • Zero Log Policy
  • 100% Unlimited Speed
  • 100% Unlimited Bandwidth

All this for £1.94 per month!!


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