What is VPN and How does it Work?

In my opinion, a VPN is the Swiss Army knife of the digital world.

Reliable, trusted and has multiple uses.

Like the renamed Offiziersmesser “officers knife” the acronym VPN is a much easier mouthful than its namesake, Virtual Private Network.

However, the VPN didn’t start life out as a multi-utility tool that we have today.

The incarnation of the VPN is attributed to a Microsoft employee Gurdeep Singh-Pall who started the development of a PPTP (Peer to Peer Tunnelling Protocol) in 1996 which was published in 1999.

Once Singh-Palls PPTP protocol was published large companies and corporations were able to develop it to further to suit their needs.

The technology progressed allowing employees of these companies to remotely access secure communications and share sensitive data without the risk of unauthorised users accessing it.

Over time the internet evolved along with the potential risks of using it, however, at the same time Virtual Private Networks evolved alongside and it was soon realised that this technology could benefit the daily life of the everyday consumer, offering protection in the digital realm.

At this point, I could go on about protocols and encryptions...but keeping it simple. When you use a VPN on your device (phone, tablet, laptop etc.) every time you connect to the internet, you connect to a secure server, that is as long as you use a VPN provider with your security in mind.

All the data into and out of your device is encrypted and routed through a secure tunnel.

You still need an internet service provider to connect to the internet but because all your data in passing through an encrypted tunnel to an encrypted server your ISP or cybercriminals cannot see your personal data.

Today’s multi-facetted VPN offers the consumer a multitude of uses:

  • Encrypts and Secures your personal data when using the internet
  • Secure Banking Transactions
  • Keeps you safe when using public Wi-Fi, e.g. airport or coffee shop
  • Prevents ‘Man in the Middle’ attacks
  • Stops your ISP (Internet Service Provider) monitoring your internet activity
  • Prevents Government snooping
  • Bypasses Geo-Blocking Services such as BBCiPlayer and Netflix US’
  • Secures VOIP Calls and Messaging
  • Bypasses Censorship Restrictions like the ‘Great Firewall of China’
  • Stops Websites from Tracking your browsing
  • Allows Access to online gaming and gambling accounts from anywhere in the world
  • Hides your true IP address when streaming content or using BitTorrent

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