Encryptions and Protocols

The technical bit, why is FAST LANE SECURE – VPN, fast, reliable and secure offering the highest level of protection?

Although this may be a little lacklustre it is the most important element of a secure VPN.

In summary, FAST LANE SECURE takes protecting your digital security seriously and offers a level of encryption that is classed as a military-grade! This level of security is used to protect some of the world’s most top-secret data.

It would take supercomputer millions of years to perform a brute force attack and break the level of encryption used!

At FAST LANE SECURE we wanted to provide the user with not only the securest VPN possible but one that has a seamless user experience. The next level progressive technology built into the VPN app offers ONE CLICK connection and performs all the hard work for you. The sophisticated processors analyse and then utilise the most secure encryption protocol available, optimising for speed and performance.

The detail:

A VPN protocol can be described as a procedure or system of processes that are used to ensure a secure and fast connection is established to and from a FAST LANE SECURE server.

FAST LANE SECURE utilises a variety of protocols, each with unique capabilities and strengths.

In the table below are the protocols applied by the FAST LANE SECURE - VPN app when connecting your device to our encrypted server:

Android IKEv2, OpenVPN, TCP/UDP
Windows IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, TCP/UDP
iOS and macOS IKEv2, OpenVPN, TCP/UDP, IPSec – Older Versions


Parallel to actioning the appropriate protocol your data is sealed with a 256-AES encryption algorithm, ensuring the highest level of VPN security.

Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information that only makes sense to those who have the cipher and are authorised to read it.

A cipher is the key that allows personal data to be encrypted (locked) and decrypted (unlocked).

To unauthorised 3rd party onlookers, your data looks like layers of non-sensical numbers, letters and symbols.

Commonly used encryptions are 128-bit this level of encryption is renowned for being uncrackable through brute force attacks and is used by banks and financial institutions alike.

FAST LANE SECURE wanted to provide its VPN users with the highest level of security, we felt that 128-bit was not strong enough.

To protect our users personal and business data we created our VPN to utilise a level of protection twice that of some banking institutions, employing 256-bit encryption!