“Having spent over 20 years working within the UK Justice system, protecting the public and ensuring their personal data and privacy is secure has always been at the forefront of my mind.

My major concern in recent years, has been the escalation of cybercrime. As people’s lives moved more and more online, criminal activity followed.

Europol’s 2019 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) makes it clear that Cybercriminals target data for their crimes.

Your personal data! or your business data!

In the wrong hands personal data is easily monetised, this is usually through its sale on the digital underground or for direct use in fraud.

Whilst using an antivirus on your computer or other devices is a good way to protect yourself from things like malware or ransomware, what an antivirus cannot do is protect your personal data from unscrupulous on lookers’, while you’re using the internet.

There are an abundance of daily tasks that society does not give a second thought about, that can put personal data at risk!... Entering payment card details when online shopping, internet banking transactions or even sending a humble email containing personal information.

With societies ever growing use of the web, FAST LANE SECURE want to be the spearhead, protecting your online security and privacy, with this mind we have developed the FAST LANE SECURE - VPN.

When using the FAST LANE SECURE-VPN you are protecting your online data with a military grade encryption.

If you do become a target for cyber criminals, as long as the FAST LANE SECURE-VPN is active, be certain that any attempt to access your online personal data will be thwarted.

The only thing visible to any 3rd party onlooker, is nonsensical layers of numbers, symbols and letters.

The FAST LANE SECURE–VPN, is the everyday, easy to use, low cost, effective weapon we all need in our armoury in the battle against cybercrime.

Minimise the risk that you’ll be the next victim.”

David Daubney